Friday, June 22, 2012

Almost Done!!!

We're almost done with Exploration to 1850!  We have one more week of history left.  The rest of the summer we will complete
our science, Exploring Creation with Botany, as well as finishing up our James memory work.  We have just begun chapter 5 and will be done by August.  Our final test....reciting James in front of church at the end of summer!
Our picnic in the meadow while working on James memorization.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weeks 18 & 19 Update

Oh, for more hours in each day...

We have been learning, discussing, memorizing, crafting, cooking, reading, and enjoying every minute of it.  We just wish we had more time each day!

BIBLE --  We are continuing with the James memory plan A.
Jacob, Grace & I have solidly memorized chapters 1 &2 and are four verses into chapter 3.  I never thought that I had it in me!  The best part is how God has been using His Word to impact our lives.  Both Jacob and Grace have come to me in amazement, attesting to the power of Scripture to guard them from their own temptations to sin.  James is a rich and practical book and our study has lead us to  discussions on justification, wisdom in trials, and wisdom from above.   
Our morning Bible times have been centered around the First Grade survey of the Bible.  It has been good to dig into the Old Testament again and review what we covered in Creation to the Greeks.  

Kayla's most recent Bible Notebooking efforts:  

HISTORY --  This subject is why we're just now beginning Week 20.  We've hit the Revolutionary War and there is just so much to explore on this topic.  What I really like is that we are not isolating American history from the rest of the world.  We are learning about Catherine the Great, Frederick the Great, King Louis XVI, and China, along with the events in the colonies.  MFW has put together great lesson plans and we've been reading through most of the books on the copious book basket list.

The following resources have also been valuable to our study:

The MacArthur book has been a real eye-opener for our family, fueling many discussions and reshaping our previous views on the American War for Independence.  The following is from
pages 6 - 7:

Over the past several centuries, people have mistakenly linked democracy and political freedom to Christianity.  That's why many contemporary evangelicals believe the American Revolution was completely justified, both politically and scripturally.  They follow the argumentation of the Declaration of Independence, which declares that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are divinely endowed rights.  Therefore those believers say such rights are part of a Christian worldview, worth attaining and defending at all costs...but such a position is contrary to the clear teachings...of Romans 13:1-7.  So the United States was actually born out of a violation of new Testament principles, and any blessings that God has bestowed on America have come in spite of that disobedience by the Founding Fathers.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Weeks 12 & 13

Time to get back on track!

It's not been easy getting our days back on "schedule" after our three week break.  We've also had earaches, tummy aches, sinus infection, and a few bad cases of the "lazies."  Snow finally made an appearance in our part of Wisconsin this week, adding to the mix.

Now that we've completed our second full week since the New Year, we're finally adjusted.  For me the most difficult part of homeschooling is the organizing, managing, and scheduling.  I am easily overwhelmed and my kids are so good at distracting me! 

We are up to week 13 now in Exploration to 1850.  

BIBLE -- We have successfully kept up with our James memory work and are up to chapter 2 verse 8!  That's 35 verses!  I knew the kids wouldn't have trouble, but I am so surprised that I am actually able to memorize and retain such large chunks of Scripture.  I work at it while I'm on the stationary bike and the time flies!

HISTORY -- The time period is the early 1700's.  We've gone away from the American colonies to learn about the happenings in other parts of the world -- Russia & Peter the Great, the Ottoman Empire, India, and Japan.  This is such an interesting way to learn history.

We enjoyed the food of the different cultures we studied.

We went to a Japanese restaurant and were entertained at the hibachi table.

Grace & I made Indian samosas.  We used the recipe from Molly Katzen's  New Moosewood Cookbook.  They were quite tasty!

I surprised the kids with a lovely box of Turkish Delight that didn't last long!

Here are a few of our notebooking pages:  

SCIENCE -- We are nearing the end of our study of the animal kingdom and have encountered some unusual creatures.  The cnidarians, echinoderms, mollusks, sponges, and myriapods are examples of our great God's creativity.

MATH -- We have decided to switch over our 6th grader to Teaching Textbooks from Singapore Math.  Hopefully this will end some of the math anxiety we experience regularly.  We'll see!

First Grade has been buzzing along and we're enjoying it so much.  I love the gentle approach to math.  I saved up a bunch of food boxes and containers and had Kayla put price tag stickers on them.  Then she and Grace played Rainbow Food Center.  It's this kind of learning that makes homeschooling so worth it!

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas Break

 Our Christmas season was wonderful.  Dave was off work for a couple of weeks and we played games, the kids had breakfast dates with Daddy, we went to the Nutcracker Ballet, had special times with cousins and grandparents, and enjoyed a bit too much of our favorite Christmas foods! 
Super Ruby!
Grace & Anna

Adeline, Kayla & Grace's Fashion Show

The Girls and Their New Dolls

Matthew, Emma & Wesley

Emma & Her New Dolly

Jacob Loves Legos!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Homeschool Highlights -- First Grade Day 59

Homeschool Fieldtrip
 It's been a few weeks since I posted about school and this time I want to focus on MFW First Grade.  We are now on day 59 in the lesson plans and are finally starting the Bible Notebook.  I love the Bible notebooking pages!  We have completely left out the science and are joining in with the Exploration to 1850 science.  It's  a great year to combine with a younger student as it's all about the 
animal kingdom.  Kayla also joins us in history and Bible.

Finger knitting is a new hobby to keep little hands busy!
Knitting a scarf for her doll.

Making butter during our study of the New Amsterdam Colony.

These old-fashioned games aren't too easy!

More finger knitting!

 We made Johnny cakes and apple butter along with 
hasty pudding
during our study of the colonies.

Embroidery -- another hobby to keep little fingers busy!

Seed Collection
Science Notebook Page

Our little Spark!  She just finished memorizing Psalm 23.

Bible Notebook
This is a neat, hands-on way to learn math facts.

 Sunshine Cafe is so much fun for all the kids!  I made up 
a menu of some of our more common lunches and   Kayla takes
the orders and adds them up.  I laminated the little tally sheets 
so they can be reused.

That's a glimpse into our First Grade!

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Extreme Raptor Saturday

Jacob's Peregrine Falcon
Last weekend we attended the Extreme Raptor Saturday at a nearby Audubon Nature Center.  It was a treat to get so close to these magnificent creatures!  It was such a beautiful fall day to hike on the trails and enjoy God's creation.  This was such a well-run event and a true learning experience.  The bird handlers all encouraged questions and inspired interest.  We will definitely be going back again!

Skywalker, Red-Tailed Hawk

Tallulah, Turkey Vulture

Tskili, Great Horned Owl

Nala, Peregrine Falcon

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fall Fun

We've enjoyed this fall season so much.  We've taken advantage of the sunny, warm days with nature walks, bike rides, and a trip to the pumpkin farm.  Soon winter will be upon us and we'll be confined to the warm and cozy house for days on end.  So for now, we'll be enjoying fall!


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